Coffee Shops

In younger years we always had a restaurant that we went to, Hobbies, we always went there so that you would call a tradition. My dad was great that way.  Do you remember Leung’s on Fifth Street downtown? They had a coffee shop there and my mum and dad used to go there. Dad used to go there because when he worked in his final working years he was with Courtenay Chrysler selling cars in the lot there, and he would go there for coffee all the time. So mum and dad did all their shopping there for groceries and then when mum died Dad would go every Wednesday for coffee and Norm Leung who owned it, if Dad didn’t show up Wednesday for lunch, he’d start phoning around to see if he was okay, so we had a tradition that way. We always went for coffee, a bunch of us, over the years there was a core of us, about ten who would go for coffee and used to be accused, you know, of spending all our time in coffee shops! But it was a good place, I did a lot of business there.

Lawrence Burns

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