Morrison Creek Walk

There’s an expression that “It was so thick with salmon you could walk across on their backs”.  Is that true, could you really do that?

Maureen: Well, you know, a few years back I could not believe the fish that were coming up. The whole pond was just black with fish and that’s only in my time! But since then I haven’t seen quite the fish coming up.

Jim: Fish returns have been abysmal for quite a few years – although this year the pink salmon, which are the first to come up, best guesses are well in excess of 10,000 fish came there.

Maureen: And I live across there in the trailer if you ever walk through, go out and sit on deck. The smell is powerful!

I want to thank you for saving this land, because without you this wouldn’t be here. Your family put this together as a trust, I’m very grateful for it, personally. 

Others:  Me too. Thank you from all the people of Courtenay,

Marguerite: You’re very welcome. It’s an honour.

Q: And thank you for coming to talk to us today.

Marguerite: Enjoyed it.

Maureen: It was interesting!

Marguerite:  Just remember listen to your elders’ stories, your grandparents and great-grandparents and the little memories they have.  And it becomes a part of your history and your family’s history and on down the line.

Maureen: And we wish we had listened a little closer.

Jim: And if you’re ever looking at pictures with your grandparents, get them to put names on the back of the pictures so you know who the heck the people are.